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  • Lira City, Plot 21-40 Ngetta Road.

Sicra Team

Departmental Heads

Nicholus Sebudde

Research Coordinator and Clinical Head

Mary Grace Nalubega

Quality Management Coordinator and Head Nursing

Magombe Geoffrey

Pharmacy Team Lead

Harriet Tino

Assistant Pharmacy Team Lead

Raymondo Oola

Laboratory Team Lead

Jenifer Alaba

Community Engagement Team Lead

Community Advisory Board

The site has had a community advisory board (CAB) since 2021. The composition of the CAB is dynamic, based on the nature and needs of the research but has included former research participants, people living with HIV, a religious representative, a youth representative, a health care provider, civil society representatives, HIV prevention advocates, popular/performing artist, and a journalist. The CAB meets periodically and helps identify culturally or socially sensitive issues that may impact participant recruitment and retention for any given study. As such, the CAB is expected to review the site’s recruitment and retention strategies and advises the study team accordingly.