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Our Capacity

Sicra Laboratory

SICRA RESEARCH LABORATORY THEME: SICRA Laboratory functioning and operation is based on a thematic approach in order to maximize a multidisciplinary network of Medical research .This will impose a positive impact and also create opportunities which are more focused towards Research Trainings and mentorships that are aimed at empowering the next generation in understanding and conducting medical and public health research. SICRA utilizes its relationships with host hospitals to leverage resources at those sites to strengthen research capacities. As such SICRA has access to the LRRH Laboratory and all its resources to the extent possible. The Laboratory is currently working on obtaining SANAS accreditation. The laboratory consistently maintains internal quality control and external quality assurance systems, maintenance plans for the laboratory equipment, and a highly trained human resource.
SICRA Laboratory function has also developed partnerships with specialized laboratories to meet the needs of the growing research and development landscape. In that regard, SICRA Laboratory works closely with the MBN laboratories (http://www.mbnlab.com) for most of the site’s clinical and research laboratory services, as might be required. Our Laboratory staff are all GCLP certified, and at least 2 of these staff have received IATA training for shipment of infectious biological samples. The site has in place minus 70/80 freezers and minus 20 freezers for short term and long-term sample storage at the site. Continuous temperature monitoring equipment are in place and SOPs have been developed, operationalized and periodically updated. The site has acquired remote temperature monitoring systems that can send alerts or call users when there are temperature excursions.

Sicra Pharmacy

We have a dedicated research pharmacy that manages our Investigational Products (IPs) at national and international research standards. The site has full time pharmacists with experience in handling Investigational Products including IP importation, storage at the site, dispensing, accountability and destruction; adequate storage space for both cold chain products and those that require room temperature ambience; and backup power systems. The pharmacy is equipped with -20°C freezer; at least three 2-8°C refrigerators; air conditioning equipment; and digital and remote cold-storage unit temperature monitoring devices (Tempsten, Extech Humidity and temperature electronic data loggers, and Ikhaya Automation Systems). Secondary and tertiary documentation is provided by min-max digital thermometers.